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Discover Europe

With nearly 50 countries to visit, Europe is the birthplace of Western Civilisation and is responsible for most of the technology, culture, and language that dominates the world today. Despite well connected transport networks, you may not have time to see all Europe has to offer. Our resorts extend right across Europe, but here’s a few personal favourites from our Travel Team.

Experience the:
– Breathtaking beauty and romance of Venice, Italy.
– Whitewashed houses and cliffs of Santorini, Greece.
– Liberal and relaxed cultre of Amsterdam, Holland.
– Fabulous architecture and cuisine of Barcelona, Spain.
– Peace and tranquility of Stockholm, Sweden.

Discover Africa

For many, Africa’s main attraction is the wildlife found at the game preserves in the East and South. North Africa offers a completely different experience, with sand dunes, ancient monuments and vast deserts to explore. Home to some of the world’s most sacred sites, the attractions of the Middle East vary dramatically depending on your country of choice.

Our Travel Experts can personally recommend:
– The iconic Table Top Mountain in Cape Town
– The most mesmerizing of markets in Morocco
– The man-made Palm Islands of Dubai
– The Pyramids and Sphinx in Egypt
– The unforgettable experience of a safari in Kenya

Discover Asia

As the largest continent in the world, Asia covers an area of over 44 million square kilometres and almost 60% of the world’s total population. Home to both the highest (Mount Everest) and lowest (Dead Sea) points on Earth, Asia is arguably the most culturally and geographically diverse of all the continents. Our Travel Team had too many suggestions to list, but here’s a few they all agreed on:

– Stand in awe of the Taj Majal
– Experience the exotic spices of India
– Relax and find peace in Bali
– Visit Thailand’s hectic heaven of Bangkok
– Sample ethnic diversity in the Indonesian Archipelago

Discover North America

Named after an Italian explorer called Americo Vespucci, North America occupies 4.8% of the total Earth’s surface and the largest country by area is Canada. From the heights of the CN Tower, Ontario, to the depths of the Grand Canyon, you could spend a lifetime travelling North America and still not experience everything it has to offer.

Our Travel Team picked out:
– The iconic Statue of Liberty, New York
– The untamed adventures of Yellowstone National Park
– The magic and fantasy of Disney World, Florida
– The scale of the Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco
– The seasonal delights of Banff National Park, Alberta

Discover South America

Also known as the ‘New World’, South America is home to the highest waterfall (Angel Falls), the largest river (Amazon) and the longest mountain range (Andes). From Mexico to Brazil, this Spanish speaking, party loving and quite simply breathtaking continent makes finding your perfect holiday easy for our Travel Experts.

Here are some of their recommendations:
– Visit the heartland of the great Inca empire, Peru
– Relax on the pristine beaches in Cancún
– Explore the transformed Argentinian capital of Santiago
– Unwind by Lake Titicaca, South Americas biggest lake
– Travel the coasts of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro

Discover Australasia

The sparsely populated continent of Australasia is made up of Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and several nearby islands. It’s the smallest continent, but includes a range of landscapes from tropical rainforest to volcanoes and dry grasslands. Oceania consists of about 25,000 volcanic and coral islands, scattered over a vast area of the Pacific Ocean. Two weeks is never enough!

Our favourites include:
– The stunning beaches and coral reefs of Fiji
– The vast red reaches of the Australian Outback
– The surf and cafe culture of Bondai Beach, Sydney
– The famous wine trails of South Australia
– The welcoming cities of Auckland and Wellington


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