Our guide to Australasia & The South Pacific

This enchanting part of the world has it all, from dramatic mountains, to lush forests and majestic ice floes. Being the smallest of the continents won’t stop our Travel Experts finding you your biggest adventure.

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It’s hard to match Australia and New Zealand when it comes to adventure and natural spectacle. Add to this the rich variety of the South Pacific Islands and it’s little wonder that this continent is on the wishlist of many travellers.

First time visitors may want to tick off icons like Sydney, Ayers Rock or the Great Barrier Reef, but there are so many rewarding experiences further afield. Western Australia offers true wilderness adventures,

whilst the Northern Territory is perhaps the best place to learn about Aboriginal culture. In New Zealand, the South Island often attracts the tourists, but the North Island is quieter and no less beautiful.

The South Pacific defines everything from the scattered islands of Polynesia to the luxury resorts of Fiji. Whether it’s whale watching in Tonga or diving off the Solomon Islands, our Travel Experts are ready to help you find your perfect holiday in Australasia and the South Pacific.


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